LIQUIDINTERFACE provides companies and organisations the ability to validate the identity of their content in a worldwide decentralized blockchain. Those content can then be verified, so recipients know that the content of the content is unaltered and exactly as originally published.

Why is this useful?

With LIQUIDINTERFACE BLOCK ONE, it is impossible to fake content ore any digital file, with the BLOCK ONE it is impossible to lose the verified status of your content.

How does it work?

An company ore organisation that issues, for example, blog posts ore certificates in PDF format to its customers ore users, can validate these with LF BLOCK ONE. Once validated, the content ore documents can freely be copied, distributed and renamed, while still keeping their verified status.

What makes V-ID possible?

LF BLOCK ONE provides blockchain-powered, on-demand, secure verification. Like a digital fingerprint of a document and locks it in a blockchain transaction that is then broadcast to thousands of servers across the galaxy in a decentralized manner. NO FAKE NEWS ANYMORE!